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Achieve your weight loss goals & transform into the person you want to become!

Let Me Ask You?

  • How would it feel to walk into a room and be noticed for all of the right reasons?
  • How does it feel for you to be overweight right now?
  • What is it costing you on an emotional, psychological & physical level to stay like this?

Get the body you desire!

Let’s get started.  As a skilled and experienced Hypnotherapist, I can help you to achieve your ideal weight in an easy and supportive way.

Take the opportunity to work with a results focused person and change the course of your physical health forever.


You can change! Take the first step towards making a major difference in your life.

Allow me to help you transform your body and show you how to make lasting and sustainable changes.

Call me now on 086 1984179.

“I felt very much at ease in your company, through your sessions and supportive cds, you empowered my mind and body and handed me back the control panel. You showed me that anything I wanted to achieve was in my own capabilities and that all was not lost. I had choices! I have a very different outlook on food and a different rationale for dealing with things in general. Food is no longer a pillar to support my emotions but a necessity to live and for that I am grateful. I can now relax and chill and I flick through the various recordings on my mp3 player and the background music is sooooo good”
B.G Cavan