When old patterns bite you in the ass!

So last night I was delighted to give a talk in Carrickmacross Library, at their invitation, on positive-thinking, self-awareness and mindfulness. These are subjects which I am passionate about and talk about from dusk until dawn. But last night, I totally bombed it! I really don't mean that in a good way! I couldn't believe it, from a person who lives mindfully (most of the time) and teaches mindfulness, I was simply all over the place last night. Before you say it, I know that this is my 'perceived failure' and is not necessarily how other people experienced me. Eventhough, I agree with  the phrase 'analysis paralysis' this incident as [...]

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‘LOVE IS IN THE AIR’ by Miss Steele

 LOVE IS IN THE AIR Love is in the air this Valentine's Weekend and instead of it being dominated by shades of red, you guessed it, it's dominated by "50 Shades of Grey". Unless you have been hibernating in a Monastery in Tibet, you will be aware of the energy that has been building in your ladies, for the highly anticipated "50 Shades of Grey" Movie. Women all over the world have been seduced by this erotic and seductive adventure and are now undeniably talking and thinking more about sex, as well as enjoying it more! It can also take the glory for causing sales in the sex toy industry to [...]

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