Who is looking back at you?

As you look in the mirror, what do you see looking back at you? Do you see an unhappy, overweight person, who doesn't like themselves anymore? Or, do you just barely glance at the mirror for a fleeting moment, to check your makeup and see that your clothes are on the right way around? Perhaps you are in denial about your weight and, you see an image before you in the mirror, of that slimmer you from years ago? I understand that accepting just how much weight you have gained may be painful and it's easier to live in denial. It's made even easier by friends and family who constantly [...]

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COMING SOON – ‘Help yourself to a transformed life’ Audio Book

Some of you may have already seen the draft cover of the audio book which I posted on my Facebook pages a little while ago. I wanted to let you know what it's all about! This audio book came about because, frankly, I got fed up buying self-help books and mindfulness books, were they all asked you to commit to memory these really long exercises, and then practice them. I thought it would be great if you could buy an audio book that offered you the opportunity to change your life in a positive way, in ways perhaps you never thought possible? But I also wanted to be your companion [...]

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