Anxiety – Why does it show up? Anxiety does not show up randomly, it’s not something you choose to have. Yet, despite your efforts to stop it, manage it or control it, anxiety probably keeps showing up. It causes all the physical and emotional stress in the brain and the body that I listed in the first post on Anxiety ( But anxiety is your friend, it is in fact a simple system designed to protect you from real danger or harm. Although, when your heart is beating faster, you feel dizzy and/or nauseous, anxiety feels less like a friend and more like the enemy! If you were being attacked [...]

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WHAT DOES ANXIETY FEEL LIKE? It is amazing how many people have anxiety and don’t realize that is what is going on. I have helped people who struggled for decades with anxiety. People struggle for so long because they don’t realize what’s going on inside of them and that it is something that can be overcome. So, what would you be feeling if you are suffering from anxiety? I have a compiled a list, based on the symptoms that people have come into me with. If you are experiencing a combination of the following symptoms, it is likely you are suffering from anxiety:- The above list represents the reality for [...]

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