Did you relax at the weekend? Did you relax last night?

Did you relax at the weekend? Did you relax yesterday after work? The power of the relaxation response is a healing state and in this state, your inherent tendencies towards balance and harmony are given the opportunity to express themselves. The relaxation response has been the province of study of Mystics and Spiritual Seekers for thousands of years. They all discovered that the mind was the primary obstacle to full relaxation, spiritual growth and insight. As a result, hundreds of traditions have evolved on how to calm your mind, because full relaxation of the body begins with relaxation of the mind. Thousands of mind/body programs have been developed as a [...]

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WOULD YOU TELL SOMEONE AND HEP BE PART OF THE SOLUTION? I was having a chat with a friend last weekend and she was telling me all about the opening of a ‘studio’ she attended, in particular, about a woman (who we will call ‘Janet’) who was also there with her children. Janet was talking about a terrifying experience she had recently been through. Janet has been out for the day with her 2 children, and on her way home she came to a stop at the traffic lights, we you do when the lights turn red. But while she was stopped at the lights a car came crashing into [...]

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A client’s perspective on living with anxiety

A client's perspective on living with anxiety My last post talk about the reality of life, living with anxiety and, before I move onto the reasons it shows up, I have someone who wanted to share their story with you, a gentleman who suffered from panic attacks and extreme anxiety for the past 16 years. This is his story of freedom, because he has liberated himself from physical and emotional pain that anxiety and panic attacks once caused him on a daily basis:- "I was suffering from severe panic attacks and extreme anxiety for years and tried CBT and other methods to control these feelings but they all failed. I'll [...]

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There’s no doubting, we could all do with some relaxation and tips to release stress and tension. Perhaps you are juggling work, children, finances, household chores and trying to find time for yourself! Do you even find that time for yourself? Well, I have a technique for you today to help you out, this post has an audio you can click on at the bottom.TECHNIQUE FOR DEALING WITH STRESS/ANXIETY:- 60% of anxiety/panic attacks are accompanied by hyperventilation and you may feel during one of these attacks that you can’t catch a breath. But the opposite in fact is true, you are breathing so fast that you have taken in too [...]

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