Who am I?

                      Who am I? I showed up a long time ago, when you needed me but, I'm not sure if you remember when that was or, even the reason why? But I do! I have never left you, and I know you check regularly to see if I am there. Sometimes, I show up automatically. Even though I can cause you to feel dizzy, nauseous, numb, sweat, breathless and make your heart race so fast, it's only because I'm protecting you. I am your friend, though, sometimes you make me feel like your enemy. You try so hard to forget [...]

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Making Change!

So you know you need to change but how do you do it? Well let’s look at where it needs to occur. You have a Conscious Mind and a Subconscious Mind, each have different functions. Your Conscious Mind is like the floor of a busy department store, it deals with the hurly burly of everyday life, where daily decisions are made and the full meaning of things are realised. Your Subconscious Mind, even though it’s invisible to consciousness controls everything that you do. This is the floor where all the stock is kept, accounts are managed and campaigns are decided here. It is also where all your memories are stored, even things [...]

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