Can I control your mind?

Can I control your mind? Let me debunk some of the popular misconceptions about Hypnosis and tell you why  Hypnosis is so important to you! The two questions I get asked, quite frequently, in quite a curious and sceptical way are- "do you think you could hypnotise me?" and "Can you control my mind?" It almost sounds like I am being set a challenge but, the truth is, there is nothing mysterious about hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and 100% of the population experience trance in some form or another on a daily basis. Normal consciousness is made up of different levels of trance and you experience them in some of the following ways:- Visualisation/Age Progression:- [...]

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Weight – Only the weapons have changed!

Last week, I eventually found the time to start reading Mitch Albom's new book. It was a christmas present from my children, and as I came to an early passage in the book, it got be thinking about weight loss. Albom write, Why humans kill each other is beyond my comprehension, but I can testify you have been doing it since inception, Only the weapons change. Now you might be wondering how I made a connection in my mind with that passage and weight loss? Well, since inception men and women have been trying to find ways to lose weight, but more importantly keep it off. How many times have [...]

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Sceptic unlocks the power of his mind with Hypnosis!

I love to get sceptics into my Clinic, eventhough, most of them don't confess to being sceptical until after their hypnosis program is finished. This blog is dedicated to one of those sceptics, one who recently attended my Clinic for a Weight Loss Program. At the end of everyone's programs, I always ask client's to share their thoughts with me, on their experience of hypnotherapy. You see, I could spend all day telling you about the amazing benefits of hypnosis, but instead, I am going to share with you the thoughts I received from my most recent skeptic (with his permission of course). You will see how he unlocked the [...]

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Program or be programmed! If you look up the meaning of programming you will probably find references to computers and the explanation will go something like this - a program is a set of step-by-step instructions that directs the computer to do tasks you want it to do and produce the results you want. Your mind operates similarly in this regard. You have countless programs, running in the subconscious part of your mind, some of which you are aware of and others which you are aware of, because you didn't install them! An obvious program that comes to mind is driving. When learning to drive you follow the instructions of your Driving [...]

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