So here I am dropped in the world of blogging, thanks to the skills of my website designer, Stephen Marron and all the people who said, OMG what do you mean you don’t blog?  You have to, its an absolute must!

At the moment I feel like a child at Christmas with their new toy, excited, yet overwhelmed, can’t wait to play with my new toy, but have to work out how to play with it. But I will dive straight in, well that’s not strictly true! I’ll contemplate what to write, how much to write, whether it’s interesting enough!  Then I will come to my senses, thanks to an NLP technique and my good friend Leonie, which will turn off that internal voice and allow me to write what I am passionate about. What is that, you may ask.  It is anything to do with hypnosis or coaching that I think will be of value to you.

One thing I do value are your opinions, so if there is anything you would like me to blog about just let me know (all the various ways to contact me Stephen has through out the website)!
Let me give you something straight away, and this is not for the faint hearted but it is a powerful, tried and tested NLP Technique (NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming).  Do you need to shut down that internal voice – that voice there inside of your head, going over and over things, having conversations with yourself etc.

I went to a someone a long time ago who told me he would not want to be in my head for all the tea in China. Why? Because I used to live in my head and the incessant chatter really impacted my ability to sleep at night.  Have you ever been in that situation, where you go over things in your head again and again?

But back to the technique, the minute that little voice starts just say inside your head……..”Shut up” …..yes I am serious and this is a proven technique that I was taught by my NLP Master. D o not attach anything else to the sentence, nothing insulting about yourself i.e. “Shut up you idiot” because this is purely about shocking the thoughts/internal voice so that it stops and does not follow the thoughts into a chaos of conversation.  Like anything you have to remember to use it for it to work, but please do it, because if my clients and I can have success with it, so can you!

So this wasn’t so bad at all, I can see myself blogging quite easily and next time I will let you know a bit about myself!

Bye for now!