So you know you need to change but how do you do it? Well let’s look at where it needs to occur.
You have a Conscious Mind and a Subconscious Mind, each have different functions. Your Conscious Mind is like the floor of a busy department store, it deals with the hurly burly of everyday life, where daily decisions are made and the full meaning of things are realised.
Your Subconscious Mind, even though it’s invisible to consciousness controls everything that you do. This is the floor where all the stock is kept, accounts are managed and campaigns are decided here. It is also where all your memories are stored, even things that hurt or upset you from a long time ago. It is the birthplace of feelings like anger, pride, happiness, envy, fear.
Everything here can colour your judgement and affect your feelings and, the information stored here can cause all sorts of problems in your everyday life e.g panic attacks, anxiety, emotional eating etc.
Throughout your life, your subconscious continues to take responsibility for protecting you from everything in your past. This affects you consciously in everyday life, until you do something about it.
The process of hypnotherapy identifies what your subconscious can stop taking responsibility for and the neural retraining process enables you to establish new behaviours, beliefs and habits. The whole process allows you to bring about the changes that you want for yourself, to create a better life for yourself.
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