First Step to Aligning Mind, Body & Soul


This is a downloadable product.



This is an excellent product to start with and it is ideal to work alongside ‘Master Relaxation’. ‘Just Breathe’ will take you through the day and it is the first must have technique in your toolbox. ‘Master Relaxation’ is your night time program which will install powerful and positive message or calmness, happiness and relaxation, in the sophisticated system that is your mind and body. It will also unlock your body’s natural relaxation response. 

The link between the mind and body is the breath, it’s the gift you were blessed with at birth. With the breath you can control your emotions and even physical sensations. It’s power is within you and, with this MP3 download you will learn to use it. This is your first step to aligning the mind, body and soul. You can also look forward to freeing yourself from anxiety, stress or tension with this amazing technique and experiencing calmness even in the midst of stress. (For your safety we recommend that you do not listen to this MP3 whilst driving or operating machinery).


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