imageI love to get sceptics into my Clinic, eventhough, most of them don’t confess to being sceptical until after their hypnosis program is finished. This blog is dedicated to one of those sceptics, one who recently attended my Clinic for a Weight Loss Program. At the end of everyone’s programs, I always ask client’s to share their thoughts with me, on their experience of hypnotherapy.

You see, I could spend all day telling you about the amazing benefits of hypnosis, but instead, I am going to share with you the thoughts I received from my most recent skeptic (with his permission of course). You will see how he unlocked the power of his mind using hypnosis to achieve amazing success!

“Well my thoughts on hypnotherapy have totally changed. I came to you to be honest a sceptic. Even though colleagues had attended your clinic I automatically dismissed this as wishful thinking on their behalf. My first session ended all scepticisim forever and challenged my beliefs to the core. I had to re-think hard. I drove away from the session a changed man forever…….I really did feel the change.

I was aware the whole time during the session yet you allowed me to unlock and break down walls that I didn’t know where there and the apparent reasons behind same blew me away. Subsequent visits, you didn’t pull any punches and told me straight if I didn’t want to make these changes there was no point. While you continually gave me updates and assistance with menu ideas and the like I didn’t take all on board but cherry picked what suited.

We continued the journey and my mindset changed at every session more focused and as a result of this combined work to date I’ve lost over 3 stone. While I remain overweight I now possess the tools to continue my journey and the swish technique I am a firm believer of, is with me daily. I do believe I may attend the clinic again to shore up the defenses once could say.

In truth as I end this message my thoughts are thank you Elizabeth for enabling me to have a right future with my kids, family and letting me like me for who I am.”

My sceptic, a sceptic no more! He has entered a new chapter in his life and I am privileged to have been part of that. Congratulations to your wonderful achievement and I know that your success is continuing!

Have you been struggling with your weight for years? Maybe this person’s story will be the inspiration you need to get you on the road to weight loss success. It is possible for everyone.

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