Last week, I eventually found the time to start reading Mitch Albom’s new book. It was a christmas present from my children, and as I came to an early passage in the book, it got be thinking about weight loss. Albom write,

Why humans kill each other is beyond my comprehension, but I can testify you have been doing it since inception, Only the weapons change.

Now you might be wondering how I made a connection in my mind with that passage and weight loss? Well, since inception men and women have been trying to find ways to lose weight, but more importantly keep it off. How many times have you attempted to lose weight? How many different methods have you used?
Over the years the methods have changed, we have moved on from healthy eating and exercise to:-
  • Unislim, Weight Watchers, Slimming World
  • Weight Loss DVDs, Gym, Exercise Classes
  • Fat Burners, Fat Blockers, Fat Binders
  • Weight Loss Aid Tablets
  • Meal Replacements
  • Misfits Skinny Tea, Green Coffee
  • Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Hormone Diet
  • Blood Type Diet, Fat Flush Diet, Glycemic Index Diet
  • Nutrisystem Diet, Skinny Bitches Diet
  • Gastric Band, Gastric By-Pass and on and on……..

And then we started referring to certain foods as:-

  • Good food, bad food
  • Sins, clean food
  • Comfort food…….

I am exhausted listing all of the methods, and that is only scratching the surface! All of them promising you and, some guaranteeing you, successful and permanent weight loss. I can only imagine how overwhelmed you have been trying to choose which method would allow you reap the rewards of permanent and successful weight loss.


Ask yourself, why is this continually happening to me? You already know the formula for sustainable weight loss is simple – Healthy Eating & Regular Exercise. But putting it into practice is not always so simple and that’s why you also need to look at not only :-

  1. What you eat, but also
  2. Your portion size
  3. The pace at which you eat and, very importantly
  4. The REASONS behind your eating habits/patterns and history of weight loss and weight gain.

Each person has their own unique reasons, none of which you will be consciously aware of. The reasons can be found in the sub-conscious. These reasons are like anchors, holding you down, holding you back, never allowing you experience long lasting weight loss success.

To achieve successful weight loss you must eliminate the reasons for your current eating habits, let go of old associations to food and then develop new associations to food. You can develop and intelligent relationship with food whereby, you will view food just as a source of nutrition and energy for you body and, not as a source of comfort or reward.

We are still early into the New Year and there is still a great buzz amongst people about reaching their goal weight, so we are offering something very special so that you can successfully become slimmer, fitter and healthier. Using the power of your subconscious mind you can regain control of what you eat, how much you eat and ultimately what you weigh!

Your Weight Loss Program will:-

  • Consist of a combination of Hypnotherapy, the highly successful TFT Technique and the NLP technique that all my weight loss clients rave about!

  • This Program will find and eliminate the reasons behind your over-eating

  • Increase your commitment and motivation

  • Obliterate any cravings

  • Break the connection and allow you to see food for what it really is

  • Create new, conditioned responses as well as change your perception and approach to food and exercise

  • You will also be given a CD with hypnotic recordings that will reinforce all of your new eating habits.

If you are craving success, you can contact me, Elizabeth, on 086 1984179 or email any questions you may have to