That’s a picture of my daughter, who was, at the time, learning to feed herself. Starting out, she got more food on herself and the chair, than she did in her mouth. But with persistence and focus she got there. As I look back, I suppose that really was, one of the first stages of her independence.

Now, the next stage that followed, is so much more exciting for every child, as it was for her, because, it gives children the ultimate freedom and independence – learning to walk! Yes, she had loads of wobbles and falls, but each time she fell, with some help and encouragement, she got back up and kept going. By about 14 months she had mastered the skill and, then thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of being able to explore her world, get into mischief and, keep me on my toes!



What’s so amazing is, it didn’t stop there, like all of you, she learned to talk, read, write, ride a bicycle, tie her shoe laces etc. At every stage, she had some-one to guide her, show her the way and offer encouragement. I wonder have you realised, already, you also have the same ability to learn, and that the ability to learn new things still exists inside you? You have had a lifetime of learning experiences, some positive and some not so positive. Those learning experiences are the reason why your current habits and behaviours, negative and positive, come so naturally and automatic to you.

If you could change anything in yourself, in your life, what would that be? Would you like more confidence or self-belief? Perhaps, you’d like to resolve those self-sabotaging behaviours, that kick in time and time again? Or, maybe you want to take control of something, your emotions or, your eating habits perhaps? Is it time to enjoy life on your own terms, living life as the real you, the one you were born to be and, achieving the success that you so want for yourself?


Perhaps you have wondered, if there is anything out there, that will work for you? Have you forgotten, to remember, the potential already within you, to learn new things, achieve new things? Can you imagine, an opportunity to discover for yourself, just how easily this can happen for you.

You see, you already have the ability within you, and all you really need is someone to guide you, in a particular way and, activate the process within you. You might actually surprise yourself at just how quickly and easily you achieve your goals, so much so, that they become as natural and automatic as using a knife a fork!

Because, I really would like to see you living life on your own terms and, achieving all that you want for yourself and within yourself, I am launching a 5 Week Group Program which starts on Saturday 10thFebruary 2018 @ 11.00am.

It is only available to a limited number of people and I should tell you, it has been massively discounted to, E147 for the entire program. You can contact me, Elizabeth on 086 1984179 or email me at to book your place or, make further inquiries.

I ran this course for a private corporation, at the end of 2017 this is what some of the participants had to say:-

Before the program, my confidence was at a 4, it’s now at 10. I have focus, motivation, loads more energy and I have a purpose. The program has changed me. It helped me to feel differently, think differently and really showed me the power of my mind. People have commented on me being happier”

I feel far better. I am walking 4 miles a day. I didn’t really go out before but, now I am going out, talking to people and, I can handle situations and people. I feel so confident now, I think I could become President of the USA”

The course has given me a positive way of thinking. I have a bigger plan for my life that I didn’t have before and, I am going after jobs now, that I never would have before. My motivation and confidence have increased and my mother has even noticed the difference in me”

I came to the course with apprehension but the course opened my mind and showed me a better way of thinking about life. I have confidence now and am thinking positively. It has given me structure and focus. I believe everyone should do this course.”